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Company Mission:

The implementation of integrated programs and projects in crop farming (potato and vegetable production) and livestock encouraging:

  • Development of modern infrastructure of Russian agriculture: production - storage - processing products and waste;
  • Improve the efficiency of agricultural production due to intensive introduction of modern domestic and foreign technology and equipment;
  • Solving environmental problems and sustainable land use.

Only system approach to problem solving including integrated and engineering problems of Russian agriculture will enhance the food security of Russia, assure import substitution and provide consumers with high quality products on a constant basis.

Company Vision:

Over 5 years to become a leading innovative Design and Manufacturing vertically integrated Holding Company in crop farming (potato and vegetable) and livestock due to:

  • Participation in the implementation of infrastructure target programs and projects. Local, regional, federal and industry programs and projects to ensure the practical realization of the existing potential of the industry, rational use of resources and best practices of foreign companies and countries as a whole;
  • The introduction of modern management systems for industry programs and projects;
  • Provide customers with safe, environmentally friendly products, on a constant basis, consistently high quality throughout the year.
The main areas of activity:

Engineering services in the following areas:

  • "Construction, reconstruction and modernization of potato storage" (design and construction of vegetable stores, supply and installation of steel structures and equipment to maintain in storage optimal temperature and humidity);
  • "Irrigation systems" (design and construction of irrigation systems, supply and installation of wide irrigation systems, pumping equipment, prefabricated metal and plastic irrigation pipes);
  • "Field machinery for growing potatoes" (supply of agricultural machinery and equipment for the cultivation of potatoes);
  • Storage equipment" (supply of equipment for the transport and laying of potatoes in storage);
  • Agricultural products processing" - the organization and the creation of enterprises, taking into account local conditions. Design and engineering. Construction and commissioning;
  • Systems disposal of animal waste" (technological design of systems for utilization of livestock waste, construction design lagoons, supply and installation of equipment lagoon, as well as equipment for hydraulic liquid effluents and their distribution in the margin);
  • Warranty and post warranty maintenance of equipment and machinery;
  • Supply of consumables, spare parts, etc.;
  • Asset management (property complexes) in the field of plant breeding, including potato;
  • Implementation of investment programs and projects.

The company is constantly in cooperation with its strategic partners develops new products for its customers and potential customers.

Structure of the Company include:
  • Departments on areas of activity: "Construction, reconstruction and modernization of potato storage", "Irrigation systems, "Field machinery for growing potatoes, "Agricultural products processing, "Systems disposal of animal waste;
  • Service Technical Director (after-sales service and supply of consumables, s / parts, etc.); Service has additional offices in Voronezh, as well as storage facilities in Tyumen, Orenburg, Voronezh, Lipetsk and Moscow;
  • Development Division;
  • Financial and economic service and accounting.

The total number of the Company's personnel - 34 people.

The Company is currently implementing measures for the implementation of the quality management system focused on the most complete and effective solution of problems of the customer. The company plans to certify the quality management system for compliance with the ISO 9001 series.

Program and Project Management

In the Company program and project management is based on the matrix principle. Moreover, the structure of the Company divided the functions of front- and back-office operations. Front office interacts directly with potential customers to identify their needs for services to companies determine the optimal and most efficient technical and technological solutions for them. Back office organizes the timely approval and signing of contracts with customers, as well as the execution of works for the customer in accordance with the contract schedule and budget of the program or project.

Along with the planning and organization of work, as well as Controlling their execution, back office performs a number of functions, which are aimed at the creation of prospects and customers the most favorable conditions for interaction with the Company on a parity "price - quality".

According to the results of construction supervision and commissioning of the equipment company provides training and sends the customer a complete package of documents for equipment, machinery and equipment (technical data sheets, instruction manuals, certificates of compliance and so forth.).

Employees of the company are formed and maintained database of potential clients and customers with the reflection of information on available land resources, agricultural specialization, existing development plans, including technical upgrade and modernization.

Company specialists regularly receive information and feedback from customers about the services rendered (correct and optimal technical solutions implemented, the performance and reliability of the equipment supplied, the actual performance of the Company of its obligations under the warranty and so on.).

The company is a Representative in the Russian Federation of:
  • Industrial Ventilation Inc. (USA) - metal structures and equipment (humidifiers, ventilation, refrigerators, ozonators, control units) for vegetable storage;
  • Double L (USA) field machines and equipment;
  • RKD (Spain) - wide irrigation systems;
  • Vanden Bussche Irrigation (Canada) - pumping stations, pipelines dismountable, lagoon pumps and mixers, equipment for recycling livestock waste based on a system of flexible pipelines;
  • EYS (Turkey) - pumps and mixers, drum composting, compost turners.

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Companys procedure for the provision of engineering services (engineering projects)
Step1. Pre-project technical and technological audit is conducted on the basis set forth the customer's needs and the technical documentation (irrigation: acreage maps, characteristic of soil conditions, crop rotation, information on available sources of water and its quality; storage: Information on crop sown areas, crops gross harvest in the context of cultures required storage capacity, availability of utilities, disposal of animal waste: information on the number of livestock, type of livestock (cattle, or otherwise), the existing system of accumulation of waste - types of lagoons, their volumes, information on crop area and their distance from livestock farms chemical composition of soil and so on).
Outcome: Technical solutions for capital investments in technical upgrading / new construction; Preliminary estimates for the performance of work; The terms of reference for the design. Harmonization of conditions of the contract with the customer and its signature.
Step2. Execution of works in the framework of the signed contract (organization / execution of project documents and its approval to the licensing authority, supply of main and auxiliary equipment, construction and installation works, the organization works on connection to utilities (if necessary), installation and commissioning of equipment.
Outcome: Commissioning of the object.
Step3. Guarantee and postwarranty service.
Companys procedure for Assets Management (property complexes management)
Step1. The signing of the contract with the customer to conduct a comprehensive Due Diligence assets (property rights to movable and real property, audit management, accounting and tax accounting and reporting status of the land fund, buildings, machinery, used technologies and production processes as a whole, the sales system, supply chain logistical resources, analysis of financial and economic activities, human resources, information technology, SWOT-analysis, development of possible concepts of asset development and so forth.).
Outcome: Report and proposals for the comprehensive development of the asset.
Step2. Determining the direction (directions) to the most efficient development of the assets (market research, business plan development: schedules, organizational and financial arrangements, financial plan, risk management, mobilization of resources and so on.).
Outcome: Business plan and a set of plans, a list of necessary resources (internal and external) for implementation of the business plan.
Step3. The signing of the contract with the customer to manage the assets (property complex) and the implementation of appropriate management plans (organizational plan, production plan, financial plan, sales plan, a plan supplies and so forth).
Outcome: Getting the customer pay for the management of assets in accordance with the terms of the contract.
Companys procedure in the implementation of investment programs and projects
Step1. Conducting pre-design works (market research: market segments, market capacity, the existing market players: producers, suppliers, consumers, prices and their dynamics, pricing, equipment and technology, as well as manufacturing processes in general, marketing and promotion of products, risks and systems management, the need for resources: financial, technology, personnel, information, etc.).
Outcome: The concept of the investment program (project) Business plan of the program (project), the resources required for its implementation, organizational and financial scheme of the program (project), the list of participants in the program (project) and their functionality.
Step2. Signing with all stakeholders (project) investment agreements: a functional party rights and responsibilities for the commitment control system programs (projects), including: decision - making system, controlling system and so on.
Step3. Signing contracts with suppliers, contractors and others. Formation of organizational and financial scheme of the program (project) and implementation of the business plan. Current planning and management of the investment phase of the program (project) and operating activities.
Step4. Company's logout from the program (project) through realization (sales) of their rights to another strategic investor.